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Sixmilebridge, Co Clare. V95 EF84

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From the Forest to the Field

Torpey Manager


“He who works with his hands is a labourer.

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.”

When Master Craftsman John Torpey first learned the craft of hurley making from his Uncle ‘Pop’ Torpey it was a much slower process than what it is today. When John first started making hurleys for the local hurling communities he used only hand tools and small-scale equipment. However, to meet the demands of the modern player John decided to invest in automated machinery to ensure a more consistent product could be produced. Today, Torpeys employ a number of specially skilled people to help craft the finest hurleys, such as a Forester, a Sawmiller, a Chief Marker, Band Saw Operators, Sanders, and Quality Control Craftsmen. It may be hard to believe, but before a Torpey hurley can send a sliotar rasping through the air on a hurling field it must take an 18-month long journey from the forest. The first step to producing a quality Torpey hurley is getting the best material to make the hurley from. Torpeys’ Master Craftsman walks through forests multiple times a year to identify the best ash trees that will give the highest quality hurley – and with over 50 years’ experience the Torpey eye for quality is 20:20!

One of the most important quality checks done at Torpeys is the selection of the raw material, as it must have the characteristics necessary to make a great hurley, such as flexibility and a curved grain at the base of the plank. As there is not enough high-quality ash currently grown in Ireland to meet the demand at Torpeys, we source our premium ash in The Netherlands where the growing conditions are ideal for producing strong and flexible ash. However, the ash tree is now under threat due to a fungal disease, Ash Dieback, which is attacking the tree. As the fungal disease spreads through forests across Europe the high-quality ash is becoming a scarce material, which means the cost of ash is increasing every year and the hurley is now a more expensive product to supply. However, at Torpeys we are innovators as well as being craftsmen and we are passionate about ensuring the game is accessible to all and that participation remains high despite the challenges the ash disease brings. Torpeys’ mission is to diversify our product range so that our products reflect the diverse needs of our customer base, and that our products reflect value and quality at every player level. Stay tuned to hear about exciting hurley innovations that are coming to the Torpey Brand Store!

Torpey – Our new Brand Store

david wilson

December is a time of year when not everyone is thinking about Hurling. This allows us to work on other projects that otherwise may be put on the long finger. December 2015 was different, having worked away quietly all year we were finally ready to move into our new home, with the opening of our first ever brand store dedicated to excellence in hurleys. This followed on from the excitement of our new branding launched in the summer of 2015designed to help customers recognise the ‘Torpey’  symbol of quality. We are delighted to say our new logo has been received well with many customers requesting their old hurleys to be re-branded in time for championship. 

The latest installment of our new branding initiatives will see our brand store become the No. 1 store in Ireland to craft and sell genuine handmade ash hurleys, with factory tours and crafting sessions taking place weekly, whilst also allowing for customisation of hurley requirements for all players. Why not take a trip to Belvoir where we will do our best to create the hurley of your dreams!!

Vice - President Biden becomes the latest dignatory to receive a Torpey

david wilson

For some time now the Irish Government have chosen a  handcrafted Torpey hurley as a gift to dignitaries on the occasions of their visit to Ireland, highlighting the cultural significance of Hurling to the Irish people.

The latest foreign dignitary to be presented with a Torpey was Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden who arrived on a state visit last month.

Mr Biden whose ancestors hail from Co. Mayo received a Torpey with his name signed in Irish by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny who wrote “ Seosaimh O’ Biden No 8” as Mr Kenny felt he would be suited to the Midfield role in a Hurling team! This latest presentation of course means that there is at least two new members about the get signed up to the Washington D.C Gaels Hurling team, with President Barack Obama receiving a Torpey on his state visit back in 2011.  We would like to wish both the best of luck with their Torpey’s and hope they will tune into the greatest game on grass in the future.

The United States has always been a hot bed of hurling potential due to its historical importance for many Irish diaspora, however , with the introduction of social media many other countries are now becoming aware or the sport of hurling.  To help with this we have also had the pleasure of making hurleys for other foreign dignitaries including India Prime Minister Naranda Modi and the current President of the People Republic of China Xi Jinping, who was greeted personally by Torpey master  craftsman John Torpey at Croke Park Stadium, Dublin in 2013.

To say we are proud to have these distinctions would be an understatement. We’re looking forward to whoever may be next on the list!!