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Sixmilebridge, Co Clare. V95 EF84

+353 61 367228

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A Sustainable Estate

Hurling is a sport of the community with the key focus of every club being sustainable for the future. Our company is built on the same principles with a major focus on learning from the past and planning for the future. Below you will find details of the steps we are taking to ensure the traditional craft of Hurley making continues into the future.

Over the past 10 years a fungal disease known as Chalara Fraxinea or Ash Dieback disease has begun decimating ash stocks across Europe. In response to this we have taken the unique step of planting over 20,000 trees close to our factory location in Co. Clare, where we continuously monitor their progress and will in time allow us to manufacture Hurleys from our own resources.

Due to demand for our products we currently source the majority of our material in The Netherlands where rich soil provides timber of high flexibility and strength. All the hardwood we source is FSC certified from managed forestry resources.

Building on this focus for sustainability in the last number of years we have also began to consider our environmental impact and our need to implement waste management. This has lead our company to invest in the creation of a secondary by-product, an eco-friendly wood-fuel briquette. This product has received numerous awards since its creation as it allows the burning of ash hardwood in a clean efficient manner.

Its strategies like these that we hope to ensure that we maximise our potential without impacting the environment.